Vladimir Putin led hidden campaign to help Donald Trump win polls


The US Intelligence agencies declared on Friday that Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a hidden campaign to turn American voters towards Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the US presidential elections.

The report, however, has been turned down by Trump and his supporters.

Trump in a recent interview said that he learnt a lot from his discussions with the intelligence officials but did not comment on the report that suggest Russia’s involvement in the elections to benefit him.

“It was a really great meeting, I really like those people a lot,” said Trump.

It is to tell you that he had challenged the intelligence community after winning the presidential elections.

He further said, “I learned a lot and I think they also did.”

Denying revealing details of evidences he came across in the meeting, Trump said that he learnt a lot of confidential things. As Trump is yet to take over as President, he has been legally constrained from revealing classified information.

Trump had earlier stated that it was clear that Russian email hacking did not benefit him in the presidency elections.